Hey everyone! My name is Alli, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Canada. 

This is me: 

Five things about me

1. I love reading. Reading=escape. 

2. I love rugby. It’s hardcore, it’s tough, and it keeps me fit (except when it keeps me injured)

3. I enjoy spending time alone so my mom thinks I’m a hermit. 

4. I left my heart in the country and I miss it there dearly. 

5. I’m studying Criminology. 

My boyfriend’s name is Shane and he’s 22. He lives four hours away from me, but hey, it could be worse. Five things about Shane. 

1. He only recently got a cell phone (a little pay as you go flip one) and he doesn’t have internet.

2. He lives out in the boondocks. 

3. He’s a carpenter. 

4. He’s ridiculously caring, open, and heartfelt. 

5. He’s amazing at mimicking other people’s voices and accents. 

And he plans to marry me some day :) 

Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, and fears with me. Or you could just, you know, say hello :)