I've been hinting to my boyfriend that I really want a promise ring by liking things on tumblr and just subtly dropping hints but I'm afraid he'll say something. I don't want to directly ask him for one because I feel like he'll say no and I'd rather him just give it to me haha Any advice on what I should do? — Anonymous

I totally get this! It seems like you’re doing all the (subtle) hint dropping you can do and that anything more would get into the ‘asking him’ area. One idea would be to create a scenario where you’re able to gauge his reaction to promise rings, whether it’s commenting on a friends ring or just mention it in passing. You also don’t have to directly ask for one directly, you can also bring up by saying something like, “I think promise rings are really adorable. What do you think?”. Sometimes you have to be a bit forward with boys haha. 

If anyone has any other suggestions, please help a girl out!