Hi, I got asked to prom by this guy I worked with. I am not fond of the idea of going with him but I don't want to say no because I'm scared no one else will ask me. Originally I was going to ask his good friend as a back-up but now I can't because that will insult the guy that asked me.What should I do?-Puzzled for Prom — Anonymous

Hi! Sorry it took me so long to answer this, I’ve been without internet for a few days. This would be my advice: don’t go with him just because you’re worried nobody will ask you!

Firstly, I’m sure you’re gorgeous and wonderful, so don’t sell yourself short!

Secondly, going with a guy you don’t really like will be awkward for you and (in my personal opinion) will detract from your prom experience. You don’t want to feel obligated to dance or hang out the whole time with this guy you don’t like, it just won’t be fun! I also think he’ll probably be able to tell you don’t feel the same way about him, which could hurt his feelings and make him feel crappy. Personally, I’d let him down easy. I’d thank him for asking you to prom but you don’t feel the same way he does and you don’t want to lead him on. 

The other guy though, that’s pretty tricky! I’d probably do one of two things. Firstly I’d try to get him to ask me to prom! If that doesn’t work, I’d be straightforward with him. I’d say something like, “I really like to go to prom with you, but ______ asked me first and I said no, I don’t want to hurt his feelings if I go with you”. 

I really hope that helped, I wish you the best of luck!! Let me know how it goes :) -Alli